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SlimLine LOP DR1

SlimLine LOP DR1

Having a depth of only 12 mm, the SlimLine series combines modern design with timeless aesthetics. The specifically designed low profile SCHAEFER elements do not require any cutouts in the fixture bottom nor in the wall/frame. This fact and the simple faceplate mounting by means of magnets help saving time during installation.

1x D 37 R 15-21-00-40-21, film negative, out of service,
1x B 37 R 15-09-00-10-00, touch plate neutral,
tableau end pieces: Plastic (15 - P-grey),
fixing of front panel to base: magnetic + locking screw

The connector plug “IDC AWG” or “Push-in FMC” are not included in the purchased parts package. You have to order them separately.

SlimLine LOP DR1
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  • Brand: SCHAEFER
  • Part number: 6000774
  • Weight: 0.40kg

The connectors are not included in the scope of delivery.

The connectors must be ordered separately, you will find a selection at the bottom of the page.