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Brand: Computec Part number: 1003468
Cable length 1500mm80-P2038 GR 63x25 24 Vdc SG 80K RE20 + IP54Compatible with BL-B105AANX02..
Brand: Computec Part number: 1001748
Lift door controllerCompatible with:Sematic BL-B111AAMX01Door Drive Kit SDS DC PWM Rel. 4ContentThe CDD 5.0 Comes with mounting bracket.Compatible motors.motorsTable{line-height: 2.6em;} .motorsTable td{padding:5px;} .motorsTable th{padding:5px;vertical-align:top;} (Code) Motor Type/th&..
Brand: Computec Part number: 1004237
The CDD6 is universally applicable Door drive. He can use DC motors and without brushes up to 40V with or without Operate encoder.It supports the normative requirements both EN81-20 and EN81-1, selectable via the software setting.CompatibilityLift door controllerCompatible withComputecTMCDD5TM (P250..
Brand: Computec Part number: 1003469
Cable length 1500mm120-P2039 GR 63x55 24 Vdc SG 120 RE20+IP54Compatible with BL-B105AALX02..
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