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AR 37 R

AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R
AR 37 R

The AR 37 (AQ-Ruf) is specially designed for landing operating panels (call up + down). It emits a tone when a command transmitter is pressed. When an already acknowledged command transmitter is pressed, the AQ-Ruf also triggers. The AR 37 (AQ-Ruf) is suitable for common anode/common cathode as well as for 3-wire technology and 4-wire technology.

Attention: 4-wire pushbuttons (e.g. MT 42 IX) must also be used for 3-wire controls!

Use AQ 37 or AQ 37 FST if the acoustic acknowledgement may/should only take place when the call is accepted by the control unit.

clamped X
Faceplate thickness 0.5 - 2 mm
Installation depth 10 mm
Cutting terminal 3 + 5 poles (option) AWG 24 - 26
Push-In terminal 3 + 5 poles (option) AWG 20 - 26
Electrical data
Power supply 12 - 30 V DC
Stand-by current 0 mA
Operating current 50 mA
Common anode or common cathode X
Acoustic properties
Sound pressure (0.3 m distance) 80 dB(A) im Freifeld; 80 dB(A) eingebaut
Temperature range 0 - +65 °C

Connection diagrams

3-wire technology, common anode

4-wire pushbuttons are to be used.

3-wire technology, common cathode

4-wire pushbuttons are to be used.

4-wire technology, common anode

4-wire technology, common cathode

AR 37 R
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